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Common Dangers of Hoarded Homes & How Bio-One Can Help

Common Dangers of Hoarded Homes & How Bio-One Can Help

Hoarding is a growing problem in the United States. When dealing with a hoarded property, it is crucial to take action immediately. Many dangers lure in hoarding environments: clutter, fire hazards, mobility issues, unsanitary conditions, rotten food, pests, vermin, and several biohazards.


At Bio-One of Chula Vista, we have the resources to help you, your family member, or your loved one declutter the area safely and effectively. We also have the expertise to get hoarders the help they need to overcome hoarding tendencies. Here are some common dangers hoarders may face in their homes and how a hoarding cleanup company like Bio-One can help.

Common dangers in hoarded properties


Hoarding can pose many dangers to the hoarded and the people around them. As research develops, hoarding is receiving the attention and recognition it deserves as a mental health condition by the American Psychiatric Association. Some common dangers associated with hoarding include:




Clutter is one of the most obvious dangers in hoarded properties, and it can block exits, make it difficult to move around the house, and create tripping hazards. In a hoarding situation, there is often so much stuff that it becomes challenging to use appliances or furniture. Hoarders typically pile everyday items like books, newspapers, clothing, canned and frozen food, and even animals.

Inside of a hoarded home - Staircase. Photo credit: Bio-One Chula Vista.

Fire hazards


The accumulation of clutter and hoarded items can create serious fire hazards. In addition to blocking exits, piles of garbage can block heaters, vents, and air conditioners, leading to potential fires. Clutter, often flammable material, also makes it difficult for firefighters to enter the home and put out a fire in case of an emergency.


Bio-One's professional cleaners can help you safely and effectively eliminate the clutter. We understand that people may feel attached to these possessions, so we always work closely and carefully to recover any items of value.

Inside of a hoarded home - Cluttered kitchen. Photo credit: Bio-One Chula Vista.

Insect and vermin infestations


Hoarding often goes hand-in-hand with unsanitary conditions, leading to insect and vermin infestations. Rodents, cockroaches, and other pests are attracted to hoarded homes because of the food and water sources they provide. These infestations can spread disease, contaminate food, and damage the home's structure.


Bio-One's hoarding cleaning specialists can help you decontaminate your home or property from all biohazardous materials associated with dead animals and waste. In some cases, these sensitive situations require help from welfare organizations and public service agencies to address the problem. We'll go with you through the entire process.

Mold growth


Mold is another danger that can occur in hoarded homes due to unsanitary conditions. When mold spores come into contact with damp areas, they can start to grow and spread quickly. Mold growth can cause severe respiratory problems, especially for people who have allergies or asthma.


Bio-One of Chula Vista is a micro-certified mold remediation contractor. We can restore properties to safe, hazard-free conditions and work with other contractors to restore the areas to their original condition. Sometimes, mold remediation entails minor or significant repairs, depending on the level of damage.

Safety hazards


Tripping hazards are common in hoarded homes, as are other dangers such as sharp objects and electrical hazards. These dangers can pose a severe threat to the safety of both the hoarded and first responders.


Bio-One's hoarding cleanup services include removal of all hazardous materials, as well as cleaning and decontaminating the property. We also work with you to develop a plan to prevent future hoarding behavior.


If you or someone you know is dealing with hoarding, don't wait to get help. The dangers associated with hoarding are real and can have serious consequences. 

Inside of a hoarded home - Bedroom. Photo credit: Bio-One Chula Vista.

Mobility Issues


One common danger of hoarded properties is usually severe mobility issues. This means that it's hard to navigate the house; in some cases, people have even been known to trip over things and hurt themselves. If you have a hoarded property, it's essential to get help from a professional cleaning company like Bio-One. We can help you remove the clutter and get the home back to normal.

How Professionals can help


Hoarding is a mental disorder that can have a significant negative impact on an individual's life. If you or someone you know is struggling with hoarding, it's important to seek professional help. There are many resources available to help people with hoarding disorder, and treatment can be very effective.


With the right support, people with hoarding disorder can make significant progress in reducing hoarding behaviors. If you're not sure where to start, talking to your doctor or a mental health professional can be a good first step. There are also hoarding support groups available in many communities. 

Decluttered home - Staircase. Photo credit: Bio-One Chula Vista.

These groups can provide valuable information and support and can be a great way to connect with others dealing with similar issues.


Visit the Internation OCD Foundation to learn more about How HD affects families and How to help a loved one with HD.

Decluttered home - Kitchen. Photo credit: Bio-One Chula Vista.

If you're considering a hoarding cleanup service, whether during or after the individual has gotten the necessary help, it's important to choose a company that is experienced and reputable. At Bio-One, we always offer a free estimate for our remediation services. Contact us or give us a call to learn about our expertise, policies, and how we approach the cleanup process.



Bio-One is always prepared to address problems caused by unforeseen events such as death and severe trauma. We deploy our skilled staff as soon as feasible so you can focus on other essential matters before starting the recovery process.

Professional cleaning and recovery services


  • Crime scene cleanup

  • Trauma scene cleanup

  • Biohazard cleanup

  • Blood spill and bodily fluids cleanup

  • Undiscovered death cleanup

  • Homicide/Suicide cleanup

  • Feces and urine cleanup

  • Mold remediation

  • Water remediation

  • Odor removal

  • Nicotine stain removal

  • Virus disinfection

  • Emergency vehicle decontamination

  • Tear gas cleanup


Professional hoarding cleanup services


  • Hoarding cleanup

  • Animal hoarding cleanup

  • Decluttering

  • Gross filth cleanup

  • Deep clean

  • Junk removal

  • Hazardous waste disposal

Decluttered home - Bedroom. Photo credit: Bio-One Chula Vista.



Locally owned, Bio-One of Chula Vista works closely with emergency responders, hoarding task forces, public service agencies, and other organizations to provide the most efficient service possible. 


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