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Dichotomy of a Crime & Trauma Cleaner

 Apr 13, 2021

At any given time you can turn on the TV and see a police drama, a crime reenactment show, a murder mystery or even a show about hoarding clean up. These types of shows are so prevalent many people feel they have a good idea what a crime and trauma cleaner deals with on a regular basis. There are many qualities a trauma cleaner must have but I think two are particularly important. 


The first quality or trait a crime and trauma cleaner must have is the ability to not let your emotions effect your work. That is not to say you can't have emotions it means you need to be able to check them at the door, and put on your work face.  An individual dealing with the suicide or murder of a loved one does not need an emotional trauma cleaner to enhance their grief. As a crime and trauma cleaner you may come in contact with people who just discovered a loved one past away or was the victim of a violent crime. You must be able to stay calm and remember you are there to help not add to their grief. 

In direct contrast to the ability to check your emotions at the door a good trauma cleaner must have the ability to show compassion. Compassion is defined as "..... concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others"  That may seem totally opposite to the first trait but they are not mutually exclusive, and a good crime and trauma cleaner must have both. It could be an undiscovered deathsuicide, or a category 5 Hoarding regardless you must be able to show compassion. 

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