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How to approach Animal hoarding scenarios with care and compassion + Bio-One of Chula Vista can help you!

Oct 15, 2021

Animal hoarding is a delicate issue that involves three main concerns: mental health, animal welfare, and public safety. Usually, when these situations go public (you see them on the news, you find out your neighbor is an animal hoarder) it’s very easy to focus on animal welfare. And it’s not wrong: animals are just victims of the circumstances and poor decisions. 

We can’t, however, diminish the issue that is mental health, as it’s probably the main reason that victims got in that particular situation in the first place. When a person becomes an animal hoarder, they’re usually facing a mental health battle that also needs to be looked upon with care and compassion. 

Bio-One of Chula Vista has helped families and victims of hoarding throughout San Diego County and surrounding communities. Tackling these situations requires a dedicated team: caring, compassionate, discreet, and utterly professional. Animal hoarding scenarios are no less challenging. It’s all about keeping a mindset of helping everyone overcome the odds and the difficulties in a timely manner.

What is animal hoarding?

Animal hoarding is very similar to a regular hoarding situation in the sense that people acquire more things than they can handle, creating a hostile, dangerous environment for themselves and the people (animals) around them. Animal hoarding is a little different, though. A person struggling with animal hoarding houses more animals than what they’re able without providing minimum levels of nutrition, sanitation, and shelter.

A person struggling with animal hoarding is usually not aware of how many animals are actually on the property, and they might hoard dogs, cats, birds, etc.

Why do people turn to animal hoarding? 

There’s not a factual reason for people to turn to animals in hoarding situations. As of today, hoarding is recognized as a mental health disorder, and this has allowed medical professionals to treat it with the proper therapy to ensure that the victims understand their behavior and follow the right steps to avoid relapsing to that condition.

Some reasons for animal hoarding, based on first-hand experience in these situations include emotional dependency, paranoia, anxiety, depression, and more. Notice that these reasons are basically a struggle with other mental health conditions. People can turn to animal hoarding as a way to cope with traumatic life events like the loss of a loved one, a separation, losing a job, etc.

Hoarding scenarios pose multiple health risks that must be approached in a timely manner. Bio-One of Chula Vista specialists can help you!

How to identify animal hoarding situations

  • The house or property shows severe signs of deterioration.
  • The victims have lost count on how many animals are under their care.
  • Animals show signs of malnutrition, lethargy, poor socialization.
  • The victims usually isolate themselves from family and friends, as these situations are often stigmatized as embarrassing. 
  • Victims won’t admit they have a problem, and they will stand by saying that the animals are happy and healthy under those conditions. The reality is that animal hoarding situations must be tackled in a timely matter as the lives of the animals are usually in danger.

Bio-One of Chula Vista can help you

If you think someone you love might be struggling with animal hoarding, Bio-One of Chula Vista specialists can help you. Our technicians are trained to be mindful and caring, and we are prepared to tackle these scenarios in a private, respectful manner for you and your loved ones.

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