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What is the Outlook for someone struggling with Hoarding?

Aug 24, 2021

Hoarding is a delicate condition that must be approached with care and compassion. People struggling with hoarding disorder are in a constant battle between their possessions and the compulsive need to buy, collect and save items, regardless of their economic value.

People struggling with hoarding disorder usually face a diminished quality of life, due to the clutter and accumulation of possessions. These possessions get in the way of performing normal, routine activities like using the kitchen, sitting on the couch in the living room, or even going to the bathroom.

Bio-One of Chula Vista specialists have assisted numerous families and customers struggling with hoarding disorder, as the house or property of the individual can turn into a hazardous environment. These are the most commons signs and facts about hoarding disorder. Identifying these signs is useful to anyone who might be struggling with hoarding, directly (the affected individual) or indirectly (family and community members).

Basic Facts about Hoarding Disorder

-Hoarding affects an estimated 2 to 6% of the U.S. population - Some researches indicate that it’s also more common in males than females. Also, individuals usually live alone, and the elderly are more likely to struggle with hoarding disorders.

Image shows a living room completely block by trash and clutter. There are empty egg cartons, empty water bottles, food, various bottles, boxes and bags.

-Hoarding is not the same as collecting - A person who collects (baseball cards, coins, art, magazines) is usually proud to showcase these items, as it might represent hours and research time to put a “collection” together. A person struggling with hoarding is usually embarrassed by their situation and they’re likely to isolate themselves from family and friends.

-Hoarding can lead to dangerous living conditions - People struggling with hoarding disorder accumulate things without being conscious of the dangers that come with this compulsive behavior. Houses and properties usually show signs of deterioration, due to the clutter and waste. 

-People struggling with hoarding disorder will save all kinds of things - For someone struggling with hoarding disorder, items have a different meaning. Things have a strong emotional value and it has nothing to do with the item itself. Hoarders can save magazines, newspapers, books, food, home appliances, household items, clothing, even animals.

-While the cause of hoarding is unknown, several risk factors can help identify it - Medical experts have said that hoarding disorder can be triggered by a traumatic life event; or by a history of mental illness such as depression, anxiety, and OCD. Anyone is capable of developing a hoarding disorder.

What is the Outlook for someone struggling with Hoarding?

Hoarding disorders must be treated by a doctor. Hoarding is a condition that can be controlled and treated in a way that the individual will be able to live a normal, functioning life. Individuals learn to manage their possessions and the right treatment can reduce the need for saving and accumulating things. 

People struggling with hoarding can turn their life around, but they need help and support to overcome this situation.

Bio-One of Chula Vista specialists are caring, understanding, and have a desire to help people with these difficult and, sometimes, overwhelming situations. Our goal is to help individuals get their life back on track and turn their house or property into a safe, hazard-free environment

Bio-One also works closely with the homeowner or their loved ones to make sure everyone is comfortable during the remediation process.

Image shows a before-and-after scenario of a living room. Bio-One of Chula Vista specialists cleared the clutter and trash.

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