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Why I Love Being A Crime Scene Cleaner

Mar 13, 2021

I have spent many hours thinking about what I do for a living. I think about how I can do it better. I think about how I got into crime scene cleaning. I think about why I will always be needed. I even think about what people think about me and what I do. Although I often think about the business side of what I do I mostly think about the people I help. How many people can say they truly help someone on a daily basis, I can. How many people can say they make both a physical and emotional difference in peoples lives, I can. Helping people is the number one reason I like being a crime scene cleaner. 


The second reason I love what I do is that I like to see the before and after. I love that I can take what most people consider a horrific scene,  a suicidehomicide or some type of gross filth and with my Bio-One B.O.T.S. training and hard work I can often return the environment to the same or even better condition.  

The third reason I enjoy what I do is the almost instant sense of satisfaction. Whether it be a hoarding situation , gross filth, or even a crime scene I can typically complete the job in a day. No long sales cycle. No endless emails. 

Being a crime scene cleaner is not for everyone. It can be both physically and emotionally demanding, but if you have a strong call to help and a good support network it can be a tremendously satisfying profession. 


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